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Our Dental Clinics

Our Dental Clinics, at the BASQUE CENTRE FOR IMPLANTOLOGY AND ORTHODONTICS, Specialized in the Integrated Treatment of All Diseases Of The Mouth, are directed by the Medical Team of Dr. Krutwig and Dr. Salguero, and offer The Most Modern Medical Techniques in the treatment of Oral Health.

Their headquarters are in MONDRAGON and PORTUGALETE.

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  Mondragón Clinic  
  Portugalete Clinic  

The Mondragón Dental Clinic is located next to the Biteri central square. A few meters from the Town Hall and the Alto Deba Hospital. At Biteri Avenue, number 6.

The Portugalete Dental Clinic, is located on the El Abra estuary, along the waterside promenade in Portugalete. Near the Suspension Bridge of Biscay. At Churruca Pier, number 60.

Both clinics Use The most modern Medical techniques in Dental Implants, Orthodontics, and Prosthodontics. As well as, Preventive and Restorative Medicine, and Diagnosis for all Diseases of the mouth.

Cosmetic Dentistry performed on Healthy Patients is also an Important part of treatment at our clinic.