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Global Consulting Service for Orthodontic Treatment.

This service is offered exclusively to general dental practitioners treating orthodontic patients. In this case, the practitioner will previously do a case study in order to know in which direction the teeth should move.

Our evaluation will provide the best choice at a specific time in the treatment for achieving the perfect mechanical solution to tooth movement.

In most cases, a problem can be solved using different technical and mechanical solutions. We will select the best possible solutions.

Before you begin to download the form, please have three photos ready in your computer and indicate the age and sex of the patient, if braquifacial, mesofacial, or dolichofacial, or if you are using 0.018'' x 0.030'' brackets or 0.022” x 0.030'' brackets. If you want to indicate size, use millimetres for distances and grams per millimetre for forces.

We will need for you to complete all the steps in the form and please describe the situation as concisely and clearly as possible indicating where you want to move the tooth that poses the problem. Send three photos of the tooth or dental group, with good quality image, preferably made with a macro lens and, after studying your case we will promptly send you an online response along with the invoice of the service performed.

The cost of using this service is 90.00 euros per visit.

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