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Mondragón Clinic

It is easy to find us. We are located at Biteri Etorbidea, number 6 in Arrasate-Mondragón.

Just 10 minutes from Aretxabaleta and Eskoriatza. About 20 minutes from Bergara and Oñati.

Less than 100 meters from Hotel Arrasate and Hotel Mondragon. Both located on the same street.

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· If you are walking from the Hospital Alto Deba, we are less than 10 minutes away.

· If you use the Bus, we are just a few minutes from the Garibai Street bus stop.

· If you decide to use the car, the Parking is in front of us.

Portugalete Clinic

It’s easy to find us. We are located in northern Spain, at Muelle de Churruca nº 60 in Portugalete.

We are 100 Km from the southwest of France and 15 km from Bilbao, where the Canadian architect Frank O. Gehry designed the Guggenheim Museum.

We are only 100 meters from the Hotel Palacio de Oriol and just 300 meters from the Grand Hotel Puente Colgante that since July, 2006, is a 'World Patrimony of Humanity' site. We are next to the Dr. Areilza Park.

Our clinic is located in a building constructed in 1909. In 1998 was included in the 'Cultural Asset Inventory'. You can appreciate the beauty of the structure when you arrive.

  • Coming in from Bilbao by commuter train, Renfe ‘C-1’ line, we are less than 5 min from the Peñota Station.
  • If you come by Metro (underground), we are less than 10 min. from the Portugalete or the Peñota Stations.
  • If you cross the Bridge of Biscay, we are less than 5 min. away.
  • And we are even only a few minutes by car from the Zierbena Ferry 'Cap Finistere' Brittany Ferries terminal where the ferries from Portsmouth, England dock.